Before and After

before and after, jenny

Jenny – Before

before and after, jenny II

Jenny – After

Jenny complained for many years about the discolored fillings in her front teeth and the fact that they were crooked. We gave her “instant orthodontics” and made her smile more appealing with veneers. Jenny is very happy with her smile and wishes she had done it sooner.

before and after, john

John – Before

before and after, john II

John – After

John had an old bridge that had discolored his anchor teeth and he was looking for a better, more attractive alternative to his bridge. He had an implant placed to replace his missing tooth and veneers to balance out and make his smile more attractive. John no longer has to bother with cleaning around a bridge and loves his new smile!

before and after, liz

Liz – Before

before and after, liz II

Liz – After

Liz had very thin teeth that she was frequently chipping. She had not been happy with her smile for many years and finally decided it was time to improve her smile. Due to the thin nature of her teeth, we placed crowns to give her a “smile makeover.” Liz couldn’t be happier with the results.

before and after, reggie

Reggie – Before

before and after, reggie II

Reggie – After

Reggie had trauma to his front teeth many years ago and recently had to have a root canal on a front tooth.  The previous trauma caused discoloration of his teeth and he had been grinding his teeth as well which caused a lot of breakdown of his enamel.  He sought a more attractive smile which we gave him with a crown and veneers.  A new mouthguard was also made for him to protect his new smile from grinding.

before and after, wendy

Wendy – Before

before and after, wendy II

Wendy – After

Wendy had an old resin veneer that looked out of place in her smile. The matching incisor on the other side was also disproportionate to the rest of her teeth. We placed new porcelain veneers on both teeth to make her smile more symmetrical.

before and after, beth

Beth – Before

before and after, beth II

Beth – After

Beth had a discolored bonding filling from an accident many years ago.  She also had discoloration of her teeth from orthodontic treatment as a child. Beth was very interested in getting a more even, natural smile.  She had a friend who had recently had veneers placed and her friend loved her results.  So Beth was excited about changing her smile as well.  We placed veneers on 8 of her teeth and she is very happy with the results.


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