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Happy National Grilled Cheese Day!

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Did you know? Cheese has actually been revealed to have a positive influence on the overall health of your mouth! In the May/June 2013 issue by the Academy of General Dentistry, it reviewed as study done on the effect of dairy on the mouth. 68 volunteers between the ages of 12 and 15 were evaluated to test their pH and plaque levels at the beginning of the experiment, after the consumption of food. We’ve previously discussed the influence of pH on the mouth in a past blog post here.

For the next part of the experiment, they were given either cheese, milk, or sugar-free yogurt. After eating, they swished their mouths with plain drinking water and the pH levels were measured 3 more times in 10 minute increments. The result: while the cheese and milk groups maintained the same pH throughout, the cheese group experienced an elevated pH. When it comes to pH, anything under 5.5 is considered acidic, and people often drop to below these levels after eating. cheese

This is good news for cheese lovers, as a pH of below 5.5 is what contributes to cavity formation, and cheese seems to combat that. AGD spokesperson Seung-Hee Rhee, DDS, says, “It looks like dairy does the mouth good. Not only are dairy products a healthy alternative to carb- or sugar-filled snacks, they also may be considered as a preventive measure against cavities.” So the next time you feel a snack craving coming on, reach for cheese instead!


Read more about the study here:


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