Reasons To Use a Laser

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Many patient might be unaware, but most dental offices have the capacity to use lasers on their soft tissues! If you’ve ever been irritated with a piece of overgrown gum, or had a cold sore or canker sore, the laser can help!

Anyone can tell you how painful cold sores and canker sores can be. They crack and bleed, with symptoms often lasting a couple of weeks. Here is how the laser alleviates these symptoms:


  1. Treatment works in a matter of minutes
  2. No numbing is needed
  3. The skin itself is not affected
  4. Laser treatment is affordable
  5. Patients experience relief immediately after the procedure
  6. Over time, the laser can stop cold sore breakouts in an area indefinitely!
  7. Lasers get to the root of the virus, killing it completely
  8. Healing time is much shorter and the symptoms go away right after

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As you can see, lasers are a great option that not many patients may be aware of! Call us today at 404-261-6794, and we can schedule you to zap your sores away so you can get back to enjoying life.


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