Instant Orthodontics

  • Do you have spaces between your teeth that bother you?

  • Are your teeth slightly out of line?

If you answered yes to either one of these questions, you might be a person that could benefit from instant orthodontics.

Instant orthodontics is not traditional orthodontics where treatment involves physically moving and repositioning teeth and requires many long months of treatment and stabilization.  Instant orthodontics is a direct cosmetic approach that will achieve your final desires without the extended months and use of unsightly braces.  Instant orthodontics incorporates innovative materials and products such as tooth colored bonding materials, customized veneers and crowns, and tissue recontouring procedures.

Each person has their own unique dental issues and problems and most likely no one specific product or procedure can address all of their needs.

Only after a thorough understanding of what your desires are and a complete understanding of your current dental state through diagnostic information gathering can we appropriately present and educate you about your existing dental condition and your treatment options.

Instant orthodontics can usually be completed in fewer visits than traditional orthodontics which can last up to 18 months or even longer.  Our patients have found instant orthodontics to be more attractive when they want immediate results, do not want to wear braces and do not want to invest the length of time required for traditional orthodontics.

While many patient’s dental desires can be met using instant orthodontics, some situations should first be treated with traditional orthodontics.

For those needing traditional orthodontics we offer ClearCorrect, an invisible orthodontic system which uses no metal braces or wires.  It is so clear and invisible that only you will know that you are using it.