Tooth Extractions

“Wow, my tooth is killing me! I just want it out!”

We have heard that statement enough to know that what we are really hearing is “I am in pain! Make it stop!”

That is why we first offer to make the pain go away by anesthetizing the area, and making the patient more comfortable. Once we accomplish this, we can then complete a more thorough examination and discussion about treatment options. Ultimately, once you are no longer in pain, you will be able to make a more informed decision.

Afterwards, we will inform you of what is happening with your tooth and educate you on your treatment options. Moreover, we will thoroughly explore both the advantages and disadvantages of those options. Our priority is in preserving your natural tooth and finding a solution that makes sense to you, our patient.

We find that too often patients are not given thorough explanations on the treatment they are recommended so that they can be truly confident in the procedures we perform.

If extraction is the best option, we are more than prepared to help.