Dental Consultation

A dental consultation is a fantastic and wonderfully informative experience for those who are seeking information and an education about their topic of choice.

My mother always told me that there is no such thing as a stupid question but that there are unwanted outcomes from lack of questions and discussions.  This is why both Dr. Derrick and Dr. Kurtz are first and foremost advocates for our patients’ dental education and knowledge of their dental health.

Your consultation will take place in a private consultation room where you can feel comfortable and at ease with whatever you wish to discuss.

Every patient is different, and each patient is unique. We keep this in mind when we formulate your treatment plan, and we check in with you to make sure any services are approved and understood.

Consultations are also a great way for new patients to come into our practice.  We know it is often difficult for people to decide on a new doctor for their health care needs and a consultation might just be what they need.