Dental Crowns & Bridges

Crowns for teeth are like helmets for a football player. They provide protection.

A crown protects a tooth that has broken, has a large cavity, has cracks, has had root canal therapy, or for many other reasons. Crowns are common restorations that are done to preserve the strength and appearance of natural teeth.

A dental bridge consists of several crowns attached to each other that are used to replace a missing tooth or teeth. The goal of these restorations is to provide strength and function to a weakened area.

Your new crown or bridge will appear natural and will compliment the rest of your smile. We expertly match the shade of your natural teeth to create as seamless a look as possible.

A crown or bridge procedure will usually require two appointments. There are many types of crowns and bridges and each type has specific advantages and disadvantages. Once you have been diagnosed with the need for a crown or bridge, we can then decide together what type would best suit your individual needs.

Our office works with only the best dental labs to ensure our crowns and bridges are of the best quality. The labs are local, and use only materials made in the U.S.A. We aim to do whatever we can so that you are comfortable and happy with your new crown or bridge for the rest of your life.

If you have a need for a crown or bridge because of a broken tooth, cracked painful tooth, root canal therapy, or are missing teeth…time is not on you side.

As time passes, dental issues only become worse–creating circumstances that are usually more uncomfortable and more costly. Please do not wait too long.