Occlusal Guard

A night guard is a dental device that precisely fits around and over your teeth.

An occlusal night guard is recommended for many reasons.  Night guards are recommended for people who:

  • Grind their teeth resulting in premature wearing, cracking and fracturing

  • Are experiencing muscle spasm in their jaw

  • Have popping or clicking in the their jaw joint, perceived or not

  • Have had cosmetic work and desire added protection from premature failure

  • Have unexplained headaches which could be caused from an imbalance in their bite.

Your occlusal night guard is made from a clear acrylic resin material that is fabricated using exact models of your teeth.  Once your night guard is fabricated, you will return for its delivery.  At this visit we will make sure that it fits well, it functions as it should, and provide you with a storage case.
An important fact about occlusal night guards is that pets love to chew on them. They will be destroyed unless properly taken care of.
  • Are you a person who matches one of the above criteria?

  • Have you been told you have cracks in your teeth?

If so, you may be a candidate for an occlusal night guard. Help protect your teeth!